Saturday, September 11, 2010

Personalized Wax Seal Pendant~As seen on Jillian Harris of The Bachelorette

Definition of a Ritzy Misfit ~ No one is perfect, but we are all beautiful. These pendants give the feeling of being beautiful, unique and rough around the edges at the same time. Our wax seal artists' work reflects the wonderful, flawed idiosyncrasies in us all. And it makes us breath-taking.

These beautiful pendants have recently been seen on:
Bachelor Pad, on ABC worn by Krisily (mini with pink crystal)
The Bachelorette, worn by Ali herself!
Kendra Wilkinson from the girls Next Door
And Jillian Harris on 2009 Bachelorette.

There have also been many other unconfirmed sightings on amazing people!  This is for a stunningly original pendant; melted and stamped by hand.  They are then painted, rubbed, sanded and buffed until at the peak of imperfect perfection.