Thursday, March 12, 2015

Monogrammed Gifts for Mom

Mothers Day is the perfect time to show your love, with a piece of monogram jewelry for her.  Today, we will feature two pieces of personalized jewelry that are perfect gifts ideas for mom.  Nothing expresses thoughtfulness more than a personalized gift.

The classic border oval cutout family necklace is a customer favorite.  Features her cutout initials in the center, rimmed with the names of her loved ones, separated by hearts.  The recessed design is unique and special.  Any mother would love this one, and it is available in every metal.

 Mothers Necklace Personalized

The petite nameplate necklace has been seen around the necks of all your favorite celebrities.  From Giuliana Rancic to Kerry Washington, this necklace is HOT!  The petite size makes this personalized nameplate necklace the perfect layering piece, with a larger nameplate for the "mommy and me" look!  Choosing the petite nameplate on a 16" chain, and a larger nameplate on an 18" chain completes this look!

So many ideas to Personalize your Mothers Day!