Wednesday, May 27, 2015

3 Initial Monogram Necklace

When it comes to 3 initial monogram necklaces, the choices are vast.  This signature monogram necklace featuring your 3 initials in an intertwined, gorgeous script font will not disappoint.  This necklace was designed by Purple Mermaid Designs in correlation with interviewing customers specific requests regarding what their ideal monogram necklace would look like.  A circular shape was key, along with the request for a custom hand cut and hand drawn necklace created and customized just for them.

The gold 3 initial monogram necklace is stunning.  A real statement necklace, you will love wearing it alone, or layering it with some of your other favorite pieces.  This necklace is a favorite wedding gift from grooms to their new brides to commemorate their new initials and monogram.

gold monogram necklace

The sterling silver three initial monogram necklace is a customer favorite and is so easy to care for,  This necklace is most often chosen for graduation, bridesmaids gifts.

silver monogram necklace

We would love to hear your comments as we are always creating and designing to please our customers!