Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Becca Tilley - Bachelor - Fashion

Becca Tilley was a favorite contestant on The Bachelor last season with Chris Soules.  This season, Becca is looking for love with Ben Higgins.   Becca definitely added controversy to the show with her "virgin" status.  But her sense of style makes her one of our top picks.  First, let's talk about that hair!  Becca's hair and make-up tutorials are favorites of her fans.  Becca's taste in personalized jewelry is also a reason we just love her.  In season 19, Becca wore a simple initial disc necklace that was a top forum topic.  This year, her instagram photo sporting a mini nameplate necklace, layered with another pendant, was featured on a side-by-side photo with Ben Higgins.

We wish Becca the best, and hope she finds love in season 20 with Ben Higgins.  You go girl!

 Becca Tilley Initial Necklace

 Becca Tilley Bachelor Necklace