Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chelsea Handler Initial Necklace and Gold Bar Necklace

Chelsea Handler's "C" Initial Necklace and her gold bar necklace have quickly become the most sought after jewelry pieces around!  She is seen most recently on her Netflix docuseries "Chelsea Does".  Chelsea juggles some serious topics with her expected, notorious sense of humor.  And of course, her jewelry has become one of the hottest trending searches.

Chelsea Handler's has been wearing her "C" initial necklace and her engraved gold bar necklace for quite some time, and they seem to be among her favorites, wearing them alone as a showpiece and layered with some of her other favorites.

The square gold initial necklace has just the right amount of sparkle to catch our eyes.  And of the course the personalized gold bar necklace is a favorite of all celeb's including Chelsea's dinner partners the Kardashian's.

Chelsea Handler Gold Bar Necklace

Chelsea Handler C Necklace

Chelsea Handler Gold Necklace