Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kaley Cuoco Instagram - Monogram Necklace

Kaley Cuoco posts on her two Instagram accounts, @normancook and @kaleycuoco, depending on her mood! Sometimes she is Norman, and sometimes she is Kaley! No matter what her mood, she loves her petite monogram necklace collection, and is seen wearing them in many of her posts.

This beautiful photo features Kaley wearing her petite mixed metal monogram necklace.  Grab yours from the very same designer!  This mini monogram necklace features your choice of a little monogram in 14K yellow gold or 14K rose gold, hanging from a sterling silver chain.

Mini monogram necklaces are on trend and are perfect for layering, or for wearing alone.

Click to view Kaley Cuoco's Instagram photo mini monogram necklace

Kaley Cuoco mini monogram necklace