Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Michonne M Necklace - The Walking Dead

The Michonne "M" Necklace - this is the real deal.  Made by the same designer that made the M initial necklace for The Walking Dead star "Michonne" - Danai Gurira.  The necklace features a script initial in 14K yellow or rose gold with a sterling silver split chain.  The necklace made for Michonne is a rose gold initial M.  Click to Shop: http://www.bemonogrammed.com/collections/monogram-mixed-metal-jewelry/products/mixed-metal-initial-necklace-danai-gurira-as-michonne-walking-dead

 Michonne M Necklace

 Michonne Initial Necklace - The Walking Dead

 Mixed Metal Initial Necklace - Michonne