Monday, May 29, 2017

14K Gold Name Necklaces

Our 14K gold name necklaces are just that perfect gift. Made to last a lifetime, our 14k solid gold name necklaces feature all the font styles you love, like the original Carrie name necklace. Nameplate necklaces have been popular for decades, but Carrie Bradshaw had a huge impact on the resurgence of name necklace popularity. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, a 14K gold necklace will appeal to everyone.

14K gold name necklaces featuring a single diamond for just that right amount of sparkle is a special gift. The fully covered diamond name necklace is a real show stopper.

 Carrie Name Necklace

 14K solid gold name necklace with diamond

 14k solid white gold diamond name necklace

 14k solid gold mini name necklace

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kanye West - Saint Necklace - Nori Necklace

Kanye West loves his family, and he loves to wear that close to his heart. He has been seen wearing his smaller raised gold bar necklace bearing the name of his daughter, Nori. He also has been seen wearing a larger raised gold bar necklace bearing the name of his son, Saint.

The Kimye family love their personalized jewelry. Their trend setting style makes this necklace a popular gift for any man.

 Kanye West - Saint Necklace

 Kanye West - Nori Necklace

 Gold Raised Letter Bar Necklace